Solutions Manual for Applied Business Ethics A Skills-Based Approach 1st Edition by Dean Bredeson

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Solutions Manual for Applied Business Ethics A Skills-Based Approach 1st Edition by Dean Bredeson

Download FREE Sample Here for Solutions Manual for Applied Business Ethics A Skills-Based Approach 1st Edition by Dean Bredeson. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Product Description Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Applied Business Ethics A Skills-Based Approach 1st Edition by Dean Bredeson. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION TITLE: Applied Business Ethics A Skills-Based Approach RESOURCE: Solutions Manual EDITION: 1st Edition AUTHOR: Dean Bredeson PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning PREVIEW PDF SAMPLE Solutions-Manual-Applied-Business-Ethics-A-Skills-Based-Approach-1st-Edition-Dean-Bredeson Table of Contents 1. Outcome-Based Decisions: Egoism and Utility. 2. Scope of Utility: Selecting Relevant Groups. 3. Kant and “Unique Human Dignity.” 4. Kant”s Duty Ethics. 5. Stakeholder Ethics. 6. Milton Friedman and Shareholder Ethics. 7. Stakeholder Focus: Employees. 8. Stakeholder Focus: Plant Closing. 9. Stakeholder Focus: Communities. 10. Stakeholder Focus: Customers and Dangerous Products. 11. “Best Case Scenario Ads.” 12. Quickly Flashed Fine Print. 13. Exaggerated Environmental Friendliness. 14. Celebrity Endorsements: What if the Celebrity Does Not Use the Product? 15. Marketing Unhealthy Food to Children. 16. Children and Violent Video Games. 17. Using Sex to Sell: Digitally Enhanced Images. 18. Ethical Selling: Labeling Sleight-of-Hand. 19. Marketing in the Public Schools. 20. Continuing to Market Products Found to be Dangerous. 21. Discrimination Against Obese Workers. 22. “Don”t Be a Hero” Policies. 23. Layoffs in Good Economic Times. 24. Sexual Harassment Policies and Workplace Dating. 25. The Family and Medical Leave Act and “Fake Illnesses.” 26. Firing Workers Responsible for a “Big Problem.” 27. Firing Employees who are Part of a Chain that Leads to a “Big Problem.” 28. Employee Behavior Away from the Office. 29. Workplace Diversity. 30. Non-Compete Agreements and Arbitration Clauses. 31. Layoffs and Health Care. 32. Monitoring Software. 33. Email Surveillance. 34. Drug Testing and Polygraph Testing. 35. Workplace Dating, Sexual Harassment, and “Love Contracts.” 36. Background Checks and Social Networking Websites. 37. Job Applicants and Credit Reports. 38. CEO Compensation. 39. Taxes and Salaries: Egalitarian and Libertarian Policies. 40. Rawls” Veil of Ignorance and Fair Compensation Systems. 41. Dumping. 42. Cap and Trade and Pollution Credits. 43. Cars: Hybrids, Plug-ins, Hydrogen and Break-Even Costs. 44. Wind and Solar Power. 45. “Green” Buildings. 46. Corporate Donations to Support Environmental Initiatives. 47. “Perfectly Good Items”: Wasteful Business Practices. 48. Customer Deception: Who”s to Blame? 49. Credit Cards and Payday Loans. 50. “Microinsurance.” 51. Using “Bad” Things to Boost Profits. 52. Store Cards, Search Engines, and Customer Data. 53. “Least Profitable Customers.” 54. Overseas Working Conditions. 55. Outsourcing Jobs and “In-sourcing” Jobs. 56. Subsistence Wages. 57. Fair Trade Programs. 58. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Bribes. 59. Intentional Misrepresentations. 60. Investors who are Given Faulty Information. 61. Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Disaster. 62. CFOs Pressuring Auditors. 63. Mortgage-Backed Securities and Root Causes of the Great Recession. 64. The Mortgage Meltdown: Big Investors. 65. “Outsourcing Yourself.” 66. The Making Home Affordable Program. 67. “Strategic Defaults” and Foreclosures. 68. Politics and The Supreme Court. 69. Citizens” United Case: Free Speech, Corporations, and Participation in Elections. 70. Long-Term Unemployment. 71. Immigration Policy. 72. Health Care Legislation. DOWNLOAD SAMPLES

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