Test Bank for Operations Management 4th Edition by Reid

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Test Bank for Operations Management 4th Edition by Reid

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Operations Management 4th Edition by Reid. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Product Description Complete downloadable Test Bank for Operations Management 4th Edition by Reid. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION TITLE: Operations Management RESOURCE: Test Bank EDITION: 4th Edition AUTHOR: Reid, Sanders PUBLISHER: John Wiley and Sons PREVIEW PDF SAMPLE Test-Bank-Operations-Management-4th-Edition-Reid Table of Contents 1.Introduction to Operations Management 2.What Is Operations Management? 3.Differences between Manufacturing and Service 4.Organizations 5.Operations Management Decisions 6.Plan of This Book 7.Historical Development 8.Toda’s OM Environment 9.Operations Management in Practice 10.Operations Strategy and Competitiveness 11.The Role of Operations Strategy 12.Developing a Business Strategy 13.Developing an Operations Strategy 14.Strategic Role of Technology 15.Productivity 16.Product Design and Process Selection 17.Product Design 18.The Product Design Process 19.Factors Impacting Product Design 20.Process Selection 21.Designing Processes 22.Process Performance Metrics 23.Linking Product Design and Process Selection 24.Technology Decisions 25.Designing Services 26.Supply Chain Management 27.What Is a Supply Chain? 28.Components of a Supply Chain for a 29.Manufacturer 30.The Bullwhip Effect 40.Supply Chains for Service Organizations 41.Major Issues Affecting Supply Chain 42.Management 43.The Role of Purchasing 44.Sourcing Issues 45.Supply Chain Distribution 46.Implementing Supply Chain Management 47.Supply Chain Performance Metrics 48.Trends in Supply Chain Management 49.Total Quality Management 50.Defining Quality 51.Cost of Quality 52.The Evolution of Total Quality Management (TQM) 53.The Philosophy of TQM 54.Quality Awards and Standards 55.Why TQM Efforts Fail 56.Statistical Quality Control 57.What Is Statistical Quality Control? 58.Sources of Variation: Common and Assignable DOWNLOAD SAMPLES

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