Test Bank for Organic Chemistry 1st Edition by Klein

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Test Bank for Organic Chemistry 1st Edition by Klein

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Organic Chemistry 1st Edition by Klein. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Product Description Complete downloadable Test Bank for Organic Chemistry 1st Edition by Klein. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION TITLE: Organic Chemistry RESOURCE: Test Bank EDITION: 1st Edition AUTHOR: Klein PUBLISHER: John Wiley and Sons PREVIEW PDF SAMPLE Test-Bank-Organic-Chemistry-1st-Edition-Klein Table of Contents 1 A Review of General Chemistry: Electrons, Bonds, and Molecular Properties. 2 Molecular Representations. 3 Acids and Bases. 4 Alkanes and Cycloalkanes. 5 Stereoisomerism. 6 Chemical Reactivity and Mechanisms. 7 Substitution Reactions. 8 Alkenes: Structure and Preparation via Elimination Reactions. 9 Addition Reactions of Alkenes. 10 Alkynes. 11 Radical Reactions. 12 Synthesis. 13 Alcohols and Phenols. 14 Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides. 15 Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry. 16 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. 17 Conjugated Pi Systems and Pericyclic Reactions. 18 Aromatic Compounds. 19 Aromatic Substitution Reactions. 20 Aldehydes and Ketones. 21 Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives. 22 Alpha Carbon Chemistry: Enols and Enolates. 23 Amines. 24 Carbohydrates. 25 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins. 26 Lipids. 27 Synthetic Polymers. DOWNLOAD SAMPLES

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