Test Bank for The Earth and Its Peoples 5th Edition by Bulliet

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Test Bank for The Earth and Its Peoples 5th Edition by Bulliet

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for The Earth and Its Peoples 5th Edition by Bulliet. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Product Description Complete downloadable Test Bank for The Earth and Its Peoples 5th Edition by Bulliet. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION TITLE: The Earth and Its Peoples RESOURCE: Test Bank EDITION: 5th Edition AUTHOR: Bulliet, Crossley, Headrick, Hirsch, Johnson, Northrup PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning PREVIEW PDF SAMPLE Test-Bank-The-Earth-Its-Peoples-5th-Edition-Bulliet Table of Contents ?1.Nature, Humanity, and History, to 3500 B.C.E. ? ?2. The First River-Valley Civilizations, 3500-1500 B.C.E. ? 3. New Civilizations in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, 2200-250 B.C.E.? ?4. The Mediterranean and Middle East, 2000-500 B.C.E. The Cosmopolitan ?Middle East, 1700-1100 B.C.E. ? ?5. Greece and Iran, 1000-30 B.C.E. Ancient Iran, 1000-500 B.C.E.? ?6. An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China, 753 B.C.E.-330 C.E.? ?7. India and Southeast Asia, 1500 B.C.E.-1025 C.E. ? ?8. Networks of Communication and Exchange, 300 B.C.E.-1100 C.E.? ?9. The Sasanid Empire and the Rise of Islam, 200-1200. The Sasanid Empire, ??224-651.? ?10. Christian Societies Emerge in Europe, 600-1200. The Byzantine Empire, 600-??1200.? ?11. Inner and East Asia, 400-1200. The Sui and Tang Empires, 581-755. ? ?12. Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas, 200-1500. Classic-Era Culture and ?Society in Mesoamerica, 200-900.? ?13. Mongol Eurasia and Its Aftermath, 1200-1500. The Rise of the Mongols, 1200-??1260. The Mongols and Islam, 1260-1500.? ?14. Tropical Africa and Asia,1200-1500. ? ?15. The Latin West, 1200-1500. ? ?16. The Maritime Revolution, to 1550. ? ?17. Transformations in Europe, 1500-1750. ? ?18. The Diversity of American Colonial Societies, 1530-1770.? ?19. The Atlantic System and Africa, 1550-1800. Plantations in the West Indies. ?Plantation Life in the Eighteenth Century. ? ?20. Southwest Asia and the Indian Ocean, 1500-1750.? ?21. Northern Eurasia, 1500-1800. Japanese Reunification.? ?22. Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World, 1750-1850 Prelude to ?Revolution: The Eighteenth-Century Crisis.? ?23. The Early Industrial Revolution, 1760-1851. ? ?24. Nation Building and Economic Transformation in the Americas, 1800-1890.? ?25 Land Empires in the Age of Imperialism, 1800-1870.? ?26. Africa, India, and the New British Empire, 1750-1870. ? ?27. The New Power Balance, 1850-1900. ? ?28. The New Imperialism, 1869-1914.? ?29. The Crisis of the Imperial Order, 1900-1929.? ?30. The Collapse of the Old Order, 1929-1949.? ?31. Striving for Independence: India, Africa, and Latin America, 1900-1949.? ?32. The Cold War and Decolonization, 1945-1975.? ?33. The End of the Cold War and the Challenge of Economic Development and ?Immigration, 1975-2000. ? ?34. New Challenges in a New Millennium. Globalization and Economic Crisis. ? DOWNLOAD SAMPLES

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