Test Bank for The Humanistic Tradition 6th Edition by Fiero

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Test Bank for The Humanistic Tradition 6th Edition by Fiero

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for The Humanistic Tradition 6th Edition by Fiero. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Product Description Complete downloadable Test Bank for The Humanistic Tradition 6th Edition by Fiero. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION TITLE: The Humanistic Tradition RESOURCE: Test Bank EDITION: 6th Edition AUTHOR: Fiero PUBLISHER: McGraw Hill Higher Education PREVIEW PDF SAMPLE Test-Bank-The-Humanistic-Tradition-6th-Edition-Fiero Table of Contents ?1 Mesopotamia: Gods, Rulers, and the Social Order ? ?2 Africa: Gods, Rulers, and the Social Order ?3 India, China, and the Americas ?4 Greece: Humanism and the Speculative Leap ? ?5 The Classical Style ?6 Rome: The Rise to Empire ?7 China: The Rise to Empire 8 A Flowering of Faith: Christianity and Buddhism 9 The Language of Faith: Symbolism and the Arts 10 The Islamic World: Religion and Culture 11 Patterns of Medieval Life 12 Christianity and the Medieval Mind 13 The Medieval Synthesis in the Arts 14 The World Beyond the West: India, China, and Japan 15 Adversity and Challenge: The Fourteenth-Century Transition 16 Classical Humanism in the Age of the Renaissance 17 Renaissance Artists: Disciples of Nature, Masters of Invention 18 Cross-Cultural Encounters: Asia, Africa, and the Americas 19 Protest and Reform: The Waning of the Old Order 20 The Catholic Reformation and the Baroque Style 21 Absolute Power and the Aristocratic Style 22 The Baroque in the Protestant North 23 The Scientific Revolution and the New Learning Looking Ahead 24 The Enlightenment: The Promise of Reason 25 The Limits of Reason 26 Eighteenth-Century Art, Music, and Society 27 The Romantic View of Nature 28 The Romantic Hero 29 The Romantic Style in Art and Music 30 Industry, Empire, and the Realist Style 31 The Move Toward Modernism 32 The Modernist Assault 33 The Freudian Revolution 34 Total War, Totalitarianism, and the Arts 35 The Quest for Meaning 36 Identity and Liberation 37 The Information Age 38 Globalism: The Contemporary World DOWNLOAD SAMPLES

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